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Drs. Hill & Thomas Co. is the oldest and largest independently owned radiology group in Ohio. The practice was formed in 1908, thirteen years after the discovery of x-ray. Drs. Walter C. Hill and George F. Thomas saw the great potential of x-ray as a medical diagnosis tool and founded this organization of radiologists. At the time, few clinicians used this new medium in their practices.

The Hill & Thomas name and reputation became widely known in the medical community as families such as the Firestones of Akron and the Henry Fords of Detroit relied on their expertise. Even baseball legend Babe Ruth called on Hill & Thomas when he was in need of x-ray.

The practice won a landmark federal case against the Internal Revenue Service in 1968, allowing for physicians to incorporate and be taxed as a corporation rather than as individuals.

Over the years, the practice has grown from two physicians to fifteen board-certified radiologists. The practice is composed of male and female physicians with various backgrounds, based in Cleveland, Ohio, and dedicated to advancing radiology and patient care.

In addition to serving several regional healthcare institutions, Drs. Hill & Thomas Co. proudly works with outpatient imaging centers via our state of the art teleradiology system. We provide you with instant access to your patient images and reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location with our secure internet based system. Once your patient has completed their testing, the images are sent to a Drs. Hill & Thomas Co. Radiologist, who will interpret them and provide a detailed report, which is then transcribed and sent directly to your office within 24 hours. If you would like to discuss a particular case or simply have a question, the radiologists of Drs. Hill & Thomas Co. are always available simply by calling.

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