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MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

An MRI utilizes the forces of magnetism and radio waves to create images or pictures of the human body. You are first placed in a strong magnetic field for your examination, which causes the hydrogen atoms in your body to align themselves in a position to receive radio signals. Your body then transmits signals of its own which are collected and processed by a computer then transformed into the images that a Radiologist will later read.

There are 2 types of MRIs offered:

  • High-Field MRI
    Sometimes referred to as a "Closed MRI," these types of units consist of a much stronger magnetic field, which provides for better overall image quality and increased speed of the examination. Due to the cylindrical configuration of the unit, the patient is fully surrounded by the magnetic field, which allows us to provide high-resolution images in a fraction of the time.
    These units can be somewhat noisy, so all patients are provided with ear protection or they can listen to their favorite music during the exam. In addition, those patients who feel a bit claustrophobic in the unit can be given oral or IV sedation to help them tolerate the exam.
  • Open MRI
    An open MRI, like a closed MRI utilizes the magnetic field to create images. However, rather than the patient lying within a cylinder or bore, the magnetic field is above and below the patient with the side remaining open. This configuration makes for a more comfortable setting for some patients, but the exams do tend to take longer due to the decreased strength of the field. While the overall image quality of an open MRI is not as good as a high-field MRI, an experienced technologist, coupled with protocols developed by an credentialed Radiologist, will insure you receive the best possible quality and the highest level of patient care.

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