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Procedures for Scheduling a Breast MRI
  1. A referral and complete history of breast symptoms, problems or surgeries is required.
  2. The lms AND reports from any prior mammogram, breast ultrasound, and breast MRI, plus any breast pathology report from a prior biopsy are needed at the appointment time for comparison to the current study.
  3. Most patients having a breast MRI will receive an injection of a gadolinium based contrast agent during their examination. Gadolinium is well tolerated by nearly all patients, but not indicated for patients with compromised kidney function.
  4. The breast MRI examination is quite comprehensive and the appointment may take longer than other MRI examinations. Patients may be briefed on appointment length prior to their examination by our scheduling representative.

Breast MRI May Also Be Appropriate For The Following Indications:

  1. Screening patients with breast implants who are experiencing chest or breast pain.
  2. Screening asymptomatic patients for tumor recurrence after reconstructive implant surgery.
  3. Unexplained swollen breast or breast implant.
  4. Known lobular cancer to check for multicentricity.
  5. Evaluation of e cacy of chemotherapy.
  6. Staging for chest wall invasion or lymphadenopathy after cancer diagnosis.
  7. For purposes of MR guided biopsy when ultrasound or mammography does not visualize a lesion.
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